Terms of Service

Data Privacy

The data provided by Stylie users will only be used to ensure orders arrive at their destination as well as provide the user with customized in-app offers that suits their tastes.

Refund Policy

will not refund an item after it’s been delivered to the customer. However, there’s a limited time window after delivery is made in which a user can ask for a cashback. It works as follows:
- Stylie representative will hand over the item to the customer after receiving the payment.
- The representative shall wait 30 minutes, before leaving, for the customer’s final answer.
- If the customer sends a return request within 30 minutes, Stylie representative will give them their money back as long as the item is returned in the same pristine condition it was delivered and still has the price card intact.

Replacement Policy

Stylie will replace the item within 3 days of delivery as long as the item is in the same pristine condition it was delivered, and still has the price card intact.

Stylie will not replace the item if it’s been damaged, washed, dirtied, suffered damage or tears to the fabric, burnt, singed, ironed, or if it has been worn.

Delivery Policy

We guarantee delivery of the item, in pristine state, within 48h if the customer is located in close proximity to Stylie HQ and between 5-7 days if the customer is in another city.
Please note the order will be considered delivered once it’s handed over to the customer by Stylie Representative.

Age Restriction

By using Stylie, you agree that you’re between 16-75 years old.
Stylie holds the right to withhold items from the user if they don’t meet the age condition.
Stylie representative will not hand the item if the one who’s picking up the delivery is a child below 16.

Payment Policy
Cash on Delivery

In locations in the same area as Limico Boutique HQ: Payment will be upon items delivery Limico representative will not hand over the item if it’s not paid for first.

No Show policy

In the event of Limico representative arriving at the designated delivery location at the time the customer picked and receiving no answer (eg: customer doesn’t answer the doorbell) Limico representative will schedule another time for deliver, as well as fine the customer an amount of 1500SP as a re-delivery fee.

In the event of the customer not answering Limico representative a second time after the date has been rescheduled, Limico will automatically cancel the order, block the user from ordering from the store again, as well as fine the user an amount of 5000SP that will be claimed via Limico lawyers.

In the event of a customer not paying the fine within the time period Limico had set after notification of block and due money, the fine is subject to increase by 3% per day after the deadline had passed.

Missing Items

In the event of an incomplete order (eg: missing item, incorrect piece, etc) a user will be offered two options:
1- Limico will cancel the order and the user will not be charged for it.
2- Limico will place a new order to correct the mistake and the user will not be charged for the new delivery fee.

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